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Years of experience and knowledge of the process along with the support and backing of a team of professionals who specialize in divorce. We not only know how to sell the house but also how to position yourself for your life after the divorce. Where will you live? How can you afford it? What is best for the children? And most importantly of all how will I get through this?


What causes a divorce? Infidelity, addiction, abuse, lack of commitment, finances??? Sure they are all factors but it all stems from the lack of communication. We are professionals who specialize in selling Divorce Real Estate. The CDA Team is educated and trained in the divorce process.  Not only have we been involved in many difficult and challenging transactions but we too have experienced divorce ourselves first hand and bring an open mind to the table. Our approach to the process is to listen and evaluate the options ahead and offer solutions based on both the male and female perspective. Fair and honest solutions supported by financial advisors, mediators and counselors. You're not alone when you choose the Colorado Divorce Angels Team. We are Divorce Real Estate professionals backed by the support of a team of experts that care and are compassionate about your situation.  Let us help. 





The Mission of Colorado Divorce Angels comes from a place of compassion and an understanding of how difficult this process can be. Our goal is to offer a free assessment and evaluation of each individuals situation. From there we can help determine a direction and get you with the right professionals that have our same sense of appreciation for the challenge and sensitivity of the road ahead. It does get easier and it starts with letting us help you

Providing for children typically determines whether or not one of the parents will keep the home. If neither can agree on who gets to stay, then mediation is the next step. If the situation is not resolved at this point then the matter is presented in court which usually involves attorneys and a lot more money. A judge will make the determination. In some situations the judge may just order that the home be sold to simplify the division of assets.

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